This site hosts the player of the year statistics for the Ante Up Intercontinental Poker Series (AIPS) sponsored by Ante Up Magazine. The stats will be updated shortly after each tournament.

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Thanks to Gambit for managing the POY points for the first several AIPS seasons and Seitz333 for the idea of hosting a site to present the information.

Points Formula

Player of the year (POY) points are based on the PokerStars Tournament Rankings formula. See following link below for details. PokerStars Touranment Raking Formula Explained

The formula used to determine the total points awarded to a player that cashes in any given tournament is:

Points = 10 * [sqrt(n)/sqrt(k)] * [1+log(b+0.25)]


  • n is the number of entrants
  • k is the place of finish (k=1 for the first-place finisher, and so on)
  • b is the buy-in amount in dollars (excluding administrative fee)
Important Links

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